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Eko Platten

Who We Are

Our company has been operating successfully since 2013. The owner of the company is a bachelor’s forestry engineer with previous years of experience in this business.

Our business is based on the export of products to the EU market (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Ausria) and therefore we are trying our main direction to be „QUALITY WITH THE DELIVERY OF DELIVERY DEADLINE“.

Our Products

Tables in a combination of wood and epoxide resins

The tables we produce are made with a combination of wood and epoxy resin.

The most-commonly used types of wood are: mappa burl, elm, olive, walnut, cherry, but there is a possibility to work with some other types, which depends on the customer’s wishes. The types of wood listed above are extremely decorative, have excellent mechanical properties (strength and hardness) and are durable.

An epoxy resin is used in addition to the wood, which is transparent (color is added at customer’s request, so it can be blue, red, gold, black, etc.)

Sto od epoksidne smole

Eko Platten ist genau das, was wir brauchen. Sie halten die Fristen immer ein, und die Produkte sind modern und hochwertig.

Predrag Simić


Schon seit 2013 arbeiten wir erfolgreich mit dem Unternehmen Eko Platten zusammen. Alle Empfehlungen für das freundliche Personal und die schnelle und adäquate Lieferung.

Petar Todorović


Eco Platten je ravno tisto, kar potrebujemo. Vedno spoštujejo roke, izdelki pa so sodobni in kakovostni.

Predrag Simić

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